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Aone Full Face Printable 52x CD-R 700MB - 25 Discs (CD-R 52X)
Aone 52x 700MB CD-R discs in 25 cello wrapped packs. Ideal for storing your audio files.

Full Face White Inkjet Printable Surface.

Great for everyday use these Aone CD-R discs come in handy 25 packs.
Traxdata DVD-R Inkjet Printable 8x (Ritek 8x)
Traxdata Ritek Full Face inkjet Printable 8x DVD-R in a 50 cellowrap spindle pack. They have a 4.7GB capacity, ideal for storing movies, photos, music or data backup and keeping them safe for long time.

  • Manufacturer: Ritek Corp.
  • Format: DVD-R
  • Dye: Ritek G05
  • Write Speed: 8x (1-8x)
  • Surface: White Inkjet Printable ( Full Face )
  • Packaging: Plastic Shrink Pack
  • Quantity: 50 Discs
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